• Software development:
    Our colleagues have many years of experience and expertise in a wide range of development software, environment and technology (i.e. C, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, SQL, Transact SQL, PL/SQL, Script languages, such as JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, and component oriented development). We always try to offer the technology that fits the problem the best. We work closely together with our customers at the various stages of the software development life cycle to ensure that the system under construction fits well into, and accompanies the workflow of the business environment.
    • RDBMS
      The majority of our software development work centers around relational databases and/or dynamic Internet technologies. Systems based on RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) are either traditional two tier client server based applications or multi tier applications (often introducing Internet technologies). They are usually business in line applications that are optimised for speed, power and costs.
    • Internet technologies
      Solutions based on the newest Internet technologies allow our customers to reach out to the open and vast market of the Internet world that also provides a low cost solution to connect to corporate systems from remote places. To enable reliable and trusted connections, we provide custom security solutions.
  • Maintenance, outsourcing
    We provide hot-line and maintenance services for companies with corporate networks and systems, including the maintenance of computer and network assets, tuning, answering to both general user and system administrator questions. We maintain mixed computer environments, too.
  • Consulting
    Our consulting services range from problem resolution to providing help in choosing the right technology and software environment for the right need. We do surveys to find out the technologies our customer use or is readily available to it, as well as present suggestions on how to further develop the company’s information technology, what investments to make.
  • Hot Line
    Based on a lump sum contract our experts can be readily available through phone or e-mail to our customers whenever the customer needs them (even 24 hours a day, seven days a week). If the problem cannot be resolved via phone or e-mail, we are ready to continue the problem resolution on site within a preset time.


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