AltuSoft Limited is a privately owned Hungarian Company that was formed in 1998. Its primary business focus is to provide various computer and information technology services to mid- and large-size companies. These services include consulting, project management, maintenance outsourcing, custom software development and system integration with related commercial activities, too. AltuSoft Limited believes that it is important to form alliances with manufacturers and leading companies that provide products related to its services. With that in mind, AltuSoft obtained the Microsoft Certified Solution Provider title right from its start, and is in the process of becoming an Oracle partner.

The company currently has ten full time employees and several individuals and small companies that work for AltuSoft either part time or on project basis. Our employees all have a higher education technical degree and can communicate in English.

The company total revenue amounted to 36 million HUF (140,000 USD) in 1999.

We believe it is vital to provide reliable services that are tailored to customer needs. As an example, related to custom software development we offer services ranging from

  • surveys
  • need assessment
  • design
  • software development
  • testing, tuning
  • training
  • to maintenance.

Internet technologies receive a high focus in our activities. We design and develop World Wide Web systems both of the traditional static server html style and that are built around a live database source. The latter technique is often used now in Intranet technologies (internal business systems), and is becoming more and more important for true Internet applications, too. Related to the Internet, we also provide consulting, system integration and training services to introduce, tune company electronic mail systems.


H-1113 Hengermalom út. 3.

(36-1) 786-2382
Fax: (36-1) 206-3291